At StaffNow,
It's All Connected

Every choice we make affects someone else, and it's our duty to make the right ones.

Who We Are

A lot of digital staffing platforms are built on innovation—but not all of them are designed for empowerment. After all, keeping your finger on the pulse of tech means nothing if you lose touch with people.

That's the motivating force behind StaffNow, a growing digital staffing firm routinely ranked on the Inc. 5000 list. We succeed as a business because we genuinely admire and understand the hustle of manufacturing and supply chain workers—the frontline heroes of our economy—and we have since our company’s founding.

StaffNow combines the latest technology with a consultative approach to building relationships to build capable workforces in these industries. We make it our mission to put individuals from overlooked communities on the path to success. In this way, StaffNow has become not just a staffing partner, but an advocate for the hard-working people and organizations that need it most.

Technology With
a Human Touch

At StaffNow, we value innovation and embrace the latest AI and mobile technologies to help our job-seekers and clients successfully connect.


We infuse our technology with empathy to streamline hiring and bring job-seekers and employers together, boosting efficiency and reducing time-to-hire. We have worked hard to earn the trust of numerous companies as providers of manufacturing, supply chain, and skilled trades workers—and for good reason. Our platform enables us to supercharge hiring while saving organizational time, resources, and hassle, all so our clients can focus on growing their business.