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Our manufacturing digital staffing solutions and consulting turn your factory floor into a well-oiled machine.

Manufacturing Digital
Staffing Workforce Solutions

Manufacturing never sleeps, so when you need help along your assembly line, you need a staffing partner that's readily available. StaffNow combines deep industry knowledge with an innovative mobile platform, which enables us to continually reinforce our client companies with a diverse and qualified workforce that gets results.

StaffNow offers staffing solutions to fit every specialized position within your manufacturing infrastructure, infusing technology with empathy to find the right fit. At every turn, we ensure that our innovative platform is used to create equitable opportunities for everyone.

AI-Powered Technology

Nearly every aspect of StaffNow's process is digital. Embracing today's technology allows us to staff your mission-critical roles with greater accuracy and in less time, staying effortlessly agile to meet your needs.

We keep you ahead of the competition, which grows your market share, increases your profitability, makes you more efficient, and virtually eliminates your risk of a bad hire.

Manufacturing Jobs We Source

  • Machine Operators
  • General Labor
  • Plant Labor
  • Production Supervisor
  • Quality Inspector
  • Inventory Control
  • Manufacturing Team
  • Machinists
  • Refrigeration
  • Tool Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Tech Facilities
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Assembly
  • Quality Control
  • Operations Manager

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