Labor shortages plaguing your business?

Staff Now includes a full-service second chance staffing division. As a firm believer in fair hiring practices, we recognize that there is a wealth of overlooked talent with criminal records, in recovery, or who are dealing with the ramifications of past choices. The negatives of the past should not limit ones future work opportunities.

Diversity is profitable

Beyond the sheer talent second chance hiring makes available to employers, assembling teams that bring together different ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and perspectives shows a deeper and more resilient company culture.

A diverse workforce is a strong workforce.

Progress leaves fewer people behind

The professional world does not reflect an absolute, black and white reality. Life is complex. As advocates for these underserved groups, we show our clients their economic value when considering this underutilize talent source..

We must look at the nature of offenses, how long ago the infraction occurred, and if their crimes are even considered criminal anymore. As staffing experts, recruiters, and leaders in HR, we get to know people and what truly motivates them.

Stable employment greatly reduces recidivism rates among former convicts. Second chance hires are a way to enhance your workforce and your growing communities.

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